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Welcome to the Seiyuu LiveJournal Community!


Contact Information

If you need to contact the moderators about anything relating to the community, you can reach us at the following address: seiyuu at crosswithyou dot net. Of course, change "at" and "dot" to the correct symbols. Please put "seiyuu comm" in the subject of your email. Emails sent to this address will be received by all moderators and at least one of them will get back to you on your issue.

Community Member's Role

Here at the Seiyuu Community, we believe in members actively helping the community. If you see anything that goes against any of the rules that has not been dealt with, please notify the moderators. We can't catch everything so we rely on help from our members. If you ever have any questions or comments pertaining to the community, please contact us with the issue. Refer to the section near the top of this page for contact information.

Community Rules

All members are expected to follow the rules. If you get a little poke from a mod, don't be discouraged from posting. We're most likely just giving you a friendly reminder.
  • Please stay on topic. This community is all about seiyuu, so entries should relate to them in some way. If you're not sure if your post belongs here, feel free to ask one of our friendly mods before posting.
  • Remember the golden rule. Be respectful of members and their opinions. Arguments and flames are not tolerated here and will be promptly deleted without notice. Civilized debates are more than welcome as long as they do not get out of hand.
  • Please input an applicable subject for each entry so our members have an idea of what your post will be about.
  • One of the biggest requests on this community was tags. Now that they have been created, please use them. If someone forgets, please help them out by tagging their entry.
  • So as to to be kind to everyone's friends lists, please keep images either small (200 pixels x 200 pixels) or behind a LJ-cut. If you have more than 2 or 3 images to share, please put them behind an lj-cut.
  • It is polite to comment when you download. A simple "thanks" will suffice.
  • It is highly recommended that members receive comments via email so they can actively keep track of replies to their posts and any moderator comments that may be made.
  • If you want to sell pre-owned merchandise (new or used), make the post at out sister community, seiyuu_sales. Read the rules before joining. Sales of event tickets, group orders, and other time-restricted items are permitted on this main community.
  • If you have a problem with another member of the community, please do not reply to whatever is being said and instead notify a moderator to take care of the problem.
  • Rules relating to multimedia are stated in the sections below. Those who will be participating in this community in a multimedia-esque manner (sharing, requesting) are expected to abide by them.

File Sharing
  • All files must be seiyuu-related.
    This includes rips of audio/video, scans, fan works, etc.
  • Please tell us which seiyuu are involved in the file(s) you are sharing so members know who's in it.
  • Files being shared must NOT have been released within the last week. That means no sharing of files before their official release in Japan, or before one week has passed after release.
  • Feel free to give download links only to those who comment on the entry but such requests must be done politely. (Don't simply demand people to comment if they want the file.) Use of this is up to the person who's sharing's descretion.
  • If you are sharing material that may make some members uncomfortable, such as yaoi, please mark your entry as such.
  • Do not post links to files that you did not upload yourself or did not get permission to post.
  • Please do not share any region 1 (USA & Canada) licensed DVDs.
File Requesting
  • In order to keep the community organized, all file requests must be posted on the weekly request post. Request posts are made every Monday by one of the friendly mods. Requests come in two flavors:
    • Direct requests for media (MP3s, videos, scans, etc.)
    • Indirect requests for information when one logical result of that request would be an upload of media (e.g., asking if anyone knows about a seiyuu's latest release because you're curious if it's any good -- the implication is you'd like to have a copy to hear it)
  • The above rule may be bypassed if, and only if, you are sharing a file of similar filesize to that of which you are requesting. (e.g., You can't offer one image and request a song.)
  • Please limit yourself to 5 items per request thread.
  • Please only make requests for specific items (e.g., a particular single by a seiyuu, or "the latest CD from this seiyuu"). Do not make open-ended requests (e.g., all songs by a seiyuu or all character singles from a particular anime).
  • Do not request things that have been released within the past week. You must wait at least one week (7 days) AFTER its release to request it.
  • Members who post a request without sharing something in return will be kindly asked to move their request to the current week's request post. The initial request post will be deleted, but not before the poster is notified via comments.
  • You can easily find the week's request post by checking the requests tag.
  • Please do not request any region 1 (USA & Canada) licensed DVDs.

Thank you for your interest in the Seiyuu Community and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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